For more than 30 years, Compass Rose Management Inc’s leadership has been delivering outstanding management services to community operations and homeowner associations. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive Homeowner Association Management & Community Association Financial Management to ensure your community stays on the right path.

With our PCAM designation, the highest level of industry training, we bring excellent customer service, industry knowledge, and complete peace of mind. Your property is in the hands of professionals committed to the industry and well-versed to provide reliable guidance. Compass Rose Management Inc offers services that may be challenging to find, all while maintaining consistency in today’s business environment. Experience excellence in Homeowner Association Management, HOA association, and Community Association Management with us.

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Ensuring financial stability and strength to pursue Community and Association upkeep and meeting future improvement goals is one of our top priorities as your Community Association Management company. Our highly trained professional Accountants and Financial Managers at Compass Rose Management Inc are dedicated to keeping up with the financial stability of managing your Homeowner and Condominium Association.

At Compass Rose Management Inc, we make sure that every association we manage is provided with the best vendor options for their specific projects. In order for you to trust us, you must also trust the vendors we use; which is why we hire reliable and insured vendors based on your community’s needs and goals.

Community is described as a feeling of camaraderie with others, a result of sharing familiar beliefs, interests and goals. At Compass Rose Management Inc, we like to think we are also a part of your community. We adopt the same attitudes, interests, and goals as your Board of Directors and Homeowners in order to keep operations within the community running smoothly and “Headed in the Right Direction”.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service to each and every one of our Associations and Communities. When it comes to your home or property, you want someone you can trust and always count on to exceed your expectations and that’s exactly what you get when you work with Compass Rose Management Inc.  We answer our phones with a live person and if by some chance our phone lines are completely full when a Board Member or Homeowner calls, our goal is to return all calls within 24 hours.

As a trusted Association and Condominium Management company, we help homeowner associations in developing, implementing and maintaining their monthly and annual property maintenance in order to provide upkeep to the Community to the highest desired standards.

Each team member at Compass Rose Management Inc is certified and trained in all areas of HOA and Condominium Association Management.  We currently have 2 PCAMs, 3 CMCAs, 9 LCAMs and many other licensed and educated CRM Team Members.

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