Vendor Management for Community and Condo Associations

At Compass Rose, we approach Vendor Management in a way that allows your community or condo association to control expenses, drive service excellence and mitigate risks. When you choose us as your Community Maintenance Company, you’re choosing a company that will work tirelessly to provide vendors that offer high-quality services to the residents within your community.

Finding the right vendor for any given service requires detailed research and a guideline of specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for the best roofers, painters, landscapers or IT management companies for your community, Compass Rose can provide you with the most effective vendor management solutions in the Southwest Florida and Bradenton area for your condo maintenance.

What does vendor management mean?

The main goal of efficient vendor management is finding the right contractors to provide quality services to the community.

Whether your community, condominium, or homeowners association is in need of plumbing services, electrician services, painting services or any other community operations, we are the property management company that can help you find the right vendor for your communities needs.

How we choose the right vendor for your community

As your community and condo association property management company, we believe you deserve nothing but the best. In order to get you just that, we spend hours researching vendors to ensure we find the right fit for your community. The following is criteria we use to find the right company for the job:

  • Licensed and Insured: in the event that an accident occurs while a vendor is working on a community job, it is absolutely crucial that the company we have hired is licensed and insured so that the community is not held liable for the accident. At Compass Rose, we make it a rule to not select vendors who are not licensed and insured in the best interest of the community, condominium, or homeowners association.
  • Availability: part of our search criteria is looking for companies that are available on a regular schedule that aligns with the community. As your chosen property management company, part of our job is making sure that repair services or general services are readily available whenever your community needs them.
  • Reputation: a vendor’s reputation plays a critical role in whether we hire them for your community or not. Like we said before, your community deserves nothing but the best and we intend to give that to you! We have built close relationships with many of our vendor companies and we fully trust them to take care of your community’s needs.

When it comes to finding new vendors, we take our time looking through both their positive and negative reviews to determine if they can provide a solution for your community’s needs.

  • Pricing: keeping community and HOA fees down is also a responsibility that falls under our vendor management services. That’s why this is usually our last determining factor when it comes to choosing the best vendor for your community’s required service.

Of course, we look for companies with fair prices and high-quality work. That being said, pricing can be the make-or-break decision on how we pick a company.

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