Southwest Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and ocean breezes, but it’s also no secret that it is prone to hurricanes. The hurricane season in the Atlantic begins on June 1st and runs until November 30th of every year. The state of Florida is in the main course of transit for hurricanes developing across the Atlantic Ocean, so it is not uncommon that storms often hit this coastal area with the potential to cause significant damage to life and property. Therefore, hurricane preparedness becomes a must, and if you are part of a townhome or condo community, having the right Property Management Team plays an important role in helping the community become storm-ready.

Hurricane Preparedness

When hurricanes strike we often don’t know what to do and how to handle the situation, so it’s important to keep an emergency plan in mind beforehand –

  • Storm Proofing & Stocking – A qualified Property Management team can help ensure the community’s hurricane preparedness. Ahead of and during the storm season, they will take care of storm-proofing the property, with tasks such as tree-trimming and landscaping, flood prevention, and securing outdoor elements, such as doors, windows, furniture, signage, and trash containers, that in the event of a hurricane could fly out causing damage to the property. The team will not only secure the common grounds but also ensure the tenants have the essential guidance and comply with the preventive measures needed to keep the community safe for all. 
  • Repairs & Maintenance – By completing property repairs on time, and ensuring preventive maintenance and landscaping tasks are always on track, Property Management companies have a proactive approach ahead of the hurricane season and reduce the rush of last-minute preparedness. 
  • Real-Time Weather Updates – In the event of a hurricane warning an engaged team, will provide the owners and tenants with warnings and monitoring of the storm development and inform them about any safety alerts and measures that need to be taken, as the weather conditions develop. They keep you updated by sending alerts and messages or by calling for any latest weather changes, emergencies, evacuation orders, etc.
  • Reliable Support Line – They have a dedicated support line to assist any residents who might need some help with some services, evacuation assistance, or may have a query.

By taking these proactive measures, the Property Management companies can help improve the safety of the community.

Post Hurricane Recovery 

After the hurricane passes, it is necessary to evaluate the damage and make the necessary repairs. This is when your Property Management Team makes your work so much easier.

  • Damage Estimation – The team works closely with the residents to analyze and estimate all the damage that the property has sustained during the hurricane. They then work on the insurance claim process to get things back and running in the community as soon as possible.
  • Getting Vendors – The team coordinates and hires reliable vendors who are insured and certified. They ensure that the vendors provide quality services and do the repair work on time.

By working tirelessly, the company helps restore the community to the well-maintained condition that it was in before the hurricane. They assist residents in getting all damages repaired so that things work seamlessly again.

No one can stop nature’s fury, but we can be better prepared by taking proactive measures. Keeping your property well-prepared at all times can be tough and so relying on a community management company can help your community stay well-equipped for hurricanes at all times.

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